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Urban Dictionary

Blogorrhea – to write a blog entry just for a sake of posting an entry, not because you have done anything interesting today.

E-hole – a person who sends useless mass emails – usually jokes or chain letters.

You-Tube lunch  – Watching videos on YouTube, or any general Internet time-wastingon a lunch break.

It’s been a week since I find myself turning the pages of this book from time to time. I got Mo’Urban Dictionary as one of my birthday presents from a person who’s aware of my special love to British English and different language tricks.

The book actually makes a list of some definitions written by the people visiting the website of Urban Dictionary. Thosuands of definitons are submitted every day, and many of them get published online. Well, not all of them true and some are definately used only by a limited number of people (if not by one person), however upon voting of site visitors those definitions might appear in a book like the one I’m holding in my hands now. Continue reading