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Be aware of your dreams, they just might come true…

Notte Sento

Stop-motion short-film made with 4500+ still photographs.

Fifty People, One Question

What would I wish to happen by the end of today?..

You are great!

I always knew there is something magical in a smile.

Happy to be the reason you smile ®

A Thousand Words

Seems I’m being turned to some sweet things recently…

This one is heartwarming and inspiring.

Short Signs

Once again a skype window appears on the screen. My friend is posting me a link. I already know what it is about as he is the one who got me involved in watching short films. 

I don’t do as often as he does but I always trust his referrals and enjoy watching the ones he recommends. This afternoon it appeared to be one from Scweppes Short Film Festival – Signs. I turned to be a sweet and sunny film, maybe too romantic and unreal, but still nice. The one to smile about 😉 

I find short films quite interesting. For me, as for a person who does not like watching movies, this is the best way. Taking as few minutes as possible and giving as many ideas as sometimes long movies can’t. And it’s sometimes a good way to spend your leisure time, well, some leisure minutes, to be more precise, and then enjoy spreading the link among your friends. Exactly the way my friend did 😉

And here are two short films I watched recently. Social one, related to the problems of immigrants – The Job and really-really short one – Wrong side of the bed