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Football Fan, Dutch style

Written on the basis of observations. Experienced partly. Enjoyed arguably.

– Get ready on time. After the Queen’s Day in April safe all the orange staff bought for that event. Be aware that it’s never enough so as soon as the sales for the World Cup begin, get orange boa scarves, t-shirts,  skirts, trousers, shorts, shoes, hats, caps, etc. Buy all sizes, just in case any of your family members forgets to get one.

– Get ready for loud weeks – buy orange (that’s out of question) rattles, horns, vuvuzelas. The last ones should be tried at home during the matches as well as at other time. Just to let everyone know you are absolutely ready for the World Cup. Be sure the neighbours in the last house of your street hear them too.  And so does the following street. 

– Use all offered sale promotions to get various cups, bracelets, buttons, belts, coats, hats etc. given for free with some purchases. Ignore the fact that you end up with a pile of goods and products you’ll probably never use. Calm yourself down with an idea that your neighbours have the same pile at home. Maybe two. Continue reading


I’m still continuing my integration in the Netherlands. Although, strange as it is, not all Dutch people have ever been to Keukenhof, one more place out of  my to-go-list is visited. After all, this country is so much about flowers 🙂

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LV vs NL: Driving

Being completely honest, going to the Netherlands for the first time, I didn’t think that this country can surprise with anything special in regards to roads and traffic. Actually, I would say it is not possible to see a big difference compared to driving in, for instance, Germany or France. As in most West-European countries: well-groomed streets, good road surfacing, marking-out of good quality, culture of driving. Well, different language on road signs – but it’s bearable. However, as I’m living here now, the differences become day by day more and more apparent. And as I do want to draw a comparison with Latvia, they are sometimes crucial.

Though you don’t need to lean on the passenger seat to drive and won’t encounter as much difference in driving as in UK, for example, driving on Dutch roads brings you a new experience compared to driving on Latvian roads (well, roads… it’s obviously arguable in some cases but Iwon’t turn to this topic here).  Continue reading

Expats in the Netherlands

It’s again just about the time. I finally decided to sum up all the websites, groups & forums I’ve been using since I came to the Netherlands. Jus in case someone needs them.

First of all, as I was advised by my sis, I do advise everyone to read the book “The Undutchables” – an observation of the Netherlands: its culture and inhabitants. It’s absolutely adorable, highly popular book, written for anyone interested in learning about Dutch quirks, character and customs. Actually, I’d indeed advise it to everyone – reading it is so much fun. Sure, people living or coming here will find it more useful – you’ll live this book through as soon as you enter this country 😉  Continue reading