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Chaos vs. Order




After all, heart’s only a muscle…

Oh, that “hearty” Valentine…

This is another morning for me to find all my postboxes in all social nets full. And it seemed to be so usual day from the beginning… “Happy Valentine’s Day!”, “Wishing you the nicest things”, “Person like u will make my life lovely” (Ha! U wish!), “U r unique, u r caring and ur the best” (ok, good to know ;)), prewritten poetry, hearts, chocolates, roses… Yuk! And those “lips” and “flowers” on my profile on draugiem.lv, and those “Give X a Valentine’s gift” on Facebook… Doh! That’s annoying.

That’s not like I don’t like the people who send me all that staff. It’s that I don’t get the idea of St.Valentine’s day. Is it really the only day during the year to express our love to each other? Continue reading