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Spring cake & more

According to astronomical definition, spring begins on 20th March and according to the news I heard on the radio today – this something lasts for three days. So, after all, I wasn’t too late when making a cake this morning. Just decided to celebrate a bit – spring is definitely worth it.

Made a picture of this home-made miracle as I usually do. Started taking pictures of all my sweet staff some time ago and it appeared today that there is quite a big collection already. So, to show it up:

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Birthday buzz

It was another year when I wasn’t planning to celebrate my birthday. In fact, I actually forgot about it at all as when being busy (Barcamp was coming!) I never pay attention to insiginificant events. And I consider my birthday one of them – it’s been ages since the time when I was looking forward to my birthday planning the party, inviting friends and expecting lots of presents.

I got the first reminder about the birthday last Friday when one of my friends suddenly came up with a present saying that he would not see me later so – here we go – a cute book from Mo’Urban Dictionary which is definately worth my attention. I love those language tricks 😉 Continue reading