Help In One Shot

What is “In One Shot“?
For many years now, young artist Mareks Ruskuls (24) has been creating “visual dictums” spending his leisure moments. His drawings are about everything: life, people, actual problems and everything happening around, and also adding a text to his drawings. He has a dream – to publish a book.

How much is needed?
1500Ls (around 2150 EUR) are required for publishing this book, and the means will be spent only for this purpose. If a bigger sum is acquired, the bigger number of books will be published.  

When is it coming?
The book in its touchable version will be available from 5th May 2009 (Yahoo!)

Do you want to support?

Write about “In One Shot” on your homepage
If you have your webpage and you wish to help, then you definitely can participate. Write about the project of publishing the book “In One Shot” and put the link. All references (articles? publications? feedbacks?) will be collected in “Thank you” section.

You can donate any sum for the project team to be able to collect the amount required for book publishing. However, if you donate 4,5 EUR and more, you will receive the book without any additional charges on 5th May or by post. The list of contributors will appear in “Thank you” section and the entire list will be included in book too. If you donate but you do not want to appear in the book, email the team stating your wish. You will find all information about possible contributions on the right on the webpage

Buy your place on LogoWall
You can buy any free square (or several) in order to put your logo in it. One square costs 50 Ls. The main advantage of this LogoWall is the opportunity to see it on the back page of the book. The supporters will also be seen on the website and mentioned in press releases. The entire sum acquired will be invested in book publishing. LogoWall can be seen in “Thank You” section.

Let’s make the dream come true! 😉

3 responses to “Help In One Shot

  1. After reading the article, I just feel that I need more info. Could you suggest some more resources please?

  2. Unfortunetely the main resource is in Latvian –
    Marek’s pics can be seen here –
    What additional information you’d like to receive?

    The last news: publication price reduced from 1500 LVL to 1300 LVL and alsmot 1100LVL collected by now.

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