Time Theft

time stealing

Apple Legend

Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.

Weekend Insight

This weekend I enjoyed one more national hobby of the Netherlands – walking. Our family went on a 12-km walking tour in Stellendam – we chose the route called Kwade Hoek (Angry Corner) which didn’t seem angry at all: the weather was perfectly sunny and all the birds we met on the way were welcoming us with songs 🙂 Continue reading

Chaos vs. Order

Bye-bye 2010! Hallo 2011!

I was in doubt whether I should write anything at the end of this year but I guess everything is worth a review. This was indeed a year of contradictions.

On the one hand, it seems to have been the most scanty year within the last decade… Even the emptiness of this blog page will confirm the same. If I look back to this year it appears to be a grey field with some flashes of great memories. It’s probably still due to the beginning of a new life and getting used to a new situation, land, people, circumstances. Maybe the change has been too striking – from “far too much” to “almost nothing”, from “non-stop activities” to “rather routine”. But I’m not complaining and I’m not disappointed about this year – every journey begins with one small step. Continue reading


Marvelous acrobatics. It’s amazing what a human being body can do!

Be Yourself


Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Life is too short to be someone else.

Dancers Among Us

I like making pictures. I’m not a good photographer, though. Not even close. I just find the idea of saving a moment really cool. And I adore good photography and enjoy watching photos from different events and places, or pictures of animals, flowers, building, or just random photosets of yesterday. Doesn’t really matter.

I ‘m also fond of creative ideas what concerns photography. I mentioned one in my blog last year and came across another one this week thanks to numerous posts of my friends on Facebook via the new group called “Я люблю ФОТО” (I love photo) (The fact that it’s in Russian isn’t a problem – the only thing you need is to enjoy the art of photography).

The idea behind this photoset  is both simple and genius – to show everyone that there are talented people around us. The photographer Jordan Matter took pictures of professional dancers doing complicated movements in everyday situations around New York city. More information and, of course, photos can be seen here. Enjoy! 🙂

Football Fan, Dutch style

Written on the basis of observations. Experienced partly. Enjoyed arguably.

– Get ready on time. After the Queen’s Day in April safe all the orange staff bought for that event. Be aware that it’s never enough so as soon as the sales for the World Cup begin, get orange boa scarves, t-shirts,  skirts, trousers, shorts, shoes, hats, caps, etc. Buy all sizes, just in case any of your family members forgets to get one.

– Get ready for loud weeks – buy orange (that’s out of question) rattles, horns, vuvuzelas. The last ones should be tried at home during the matches as well as at other time. Just to let everyone know you are absolutely ready for the World Cup. Be sure the neighbours in the last house of your street hear them too.  And so does the following street. 

– Use all offered sale promotions to get various cups, bracelets, buttons, belts, coats, hats etc. given for free with some purchases. Ignore the fact that you end up with a pile of goods and products you’ll probably never use. Calm yourself down with an idea that your neighbours have the same pile at home. Maybe two. Continue reading


It was a usual Friday and I was returning home after a night out in the centre of Rotterdam. I love this city at night, with all those lights, sparkling skyscrapers and bridges. Moreover, my way home always starts with driving over the most famous Rotterdam bridge.

Yet, it appeared that something was strange that night as the cars driving in front of me started to break down instead of speeding up as it usually happens on any bridge. And Erasmus bridge was never an exception. When approaching the end of the bridge, I first noticed numerous blinking road signs changing the direction of the road and pushing all the drivers to turn right instead of continuing their way straight as it was supposed to be.

“Road works,” I thought. “Nothing special – still better at night than during rush-hours.”

But soon flickering figures of police officers and several police cars standing along the road made me change my mind. Continue reading